What is Nanofulleron?


Fullerene lubrication

Proposed lubricant «Nanofulleron» for vehicles, industrial machinery and other heavy machines, synthesized using the latest nanotechnology.

This lubricant «Nanofulleron» is intended to add to the oil and grease applied in the nodes of sliding and rolling, and is compatible with all oils and greases.

Unlike existing cermet oil additives «Nanofulleron» does not impair maintainability motors and mechanisms.

The effect of the application of the lubricant «Nanofulleron» in the engines of cars observed from the first kilometer. The ideal running-friction surfaces (engine, transmission, constant velocity joints, gears, bearings) occurs after 100 – 300 km.

When using lubricant «Nanofulleron» the following occurs:

  • reduced friction mating nodes 40-70%,
  • increases the service life of the friction surfaces of 3-5,
  • increasing dynamics of the vehicle and its speed,
  • compression in the cylinders aligned and increased by 2-4 units,
  • a reduction in fuel consumption up to 20%,
  • increased oil pressure,
  • increases the real life of the engine oil to 80,000 kilometers without changing the oil filter,
  • is compacted packing units, a significant reduction in noise and vibration when the engine and mechanisms,
  • improving the starting characteristics of the engine during the cold season.

Lubrication «Nanofulleron» provides a protective effect on the engines and machinery in extreme conditions (sharp change of the load, no coolant, no oil, work on the brand fuel octane number is lower than recommended by the manufacturer).

Efficient operation of the lubricant «Nanofulleron» confirmed in service cars (including a VIP-class), trucks, agricultural machinery, ships, industrial gearboxes, compressors and other machinery.

  • Changing the oil in the engines of cars held no earlier than 80 000 km.
  • When added to the gearbox, rear axle, CV joints, wheel hubs – filling occurs once for the entire operation of a vehicle without changing lubricants (subject to the preservation of anthers).